About me.

Paula looking seriously at a laptop.
Don’t be fooled by this serious photo – the laptop is a prop and does not work.

It was a bicycle that sparked a chain of events in 2009 that changed my life. I went to the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National design Museum to see the Worldbike cargo bike, because I love cargo bikes, at the Design for the Other 90% exhibit. Two things happened that day: 1) I decided to go back, became a member, and purchased Make Magazine Volume 1 (2, and 3) and am still a subscriber today; and 2) was introduced to Human-centered Design.

That day in New York City, 10 years ago, is a long way from where I sit now in Costa Rica.* I have completed undergraduate degree in Agribusiness Management and am close to finishing my M.B.A. in international Management (with a side order of Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship) and am collecting certificates in the design-thinking and UX methodologies. I am still very passionate about designing for the other 90% (especially in food systems) and scooters.

gorgeous red vespa
No, this isn’t mine.  Not yet.

So welcome to my place to talk about food, innovation, design, gaming, good business practices, bad business practices and why change takes so long, and anything else that comes to mind. Travel the world with me and explore the possibilities we can create when we work together.

Pura vida

* I’m back in Greater New York! Vespa, anyone?